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The Story

We are a small Washington DC based family-owned operation that was created from one man’s passion for Jamaica’s culture, people and Coffee! My ancestral roots on my mother's Brown family lineage, which traces back to Brown's Town St. Ann's, was the inspiration for this venture.

As a kid, my cousin’s mother & grandmother (who hailed from the parish of Hanover) would prepare meals and expose us to Jamaican culture that instantly piqued our interest. My affinity for Jerk Chicken in particular lead me on a lifelong quest to master the art, which eventually homed my

Family Pic Jamaica 2021.JPG

skills to near perfection. Throughout my adolescence years, I would spend a considerable amount of time traveling to Jamaica being fully engulfed in its culture. Events like Dream Weekend, Reggae Sun Splash and many open-air dances/parties solidified my love for the music, culture and people.

As I began to develop long term relationships with genuine friends over the years, I always wanted and viewed myself as a conduit of Jamaican & US culture. It wasn’t until several Jamaica/US business ventures that I realized my efforts & responsibility should revolve around something that’s sustainable, strengthens Jamaica’s economy and ultimately connects the two cultures.


While simultaneously trying to figure what that focus should be, I slowly begun to develop a habit for good coffee & coffee shops to help me deal with the day to day hustle & bustle of a corporate sales job. My affinity for coffee grew more as I found myself befriending baristas, researching and delving deeper into coffee culture. It wasn’t until a friend excitedly mentioned to me that he had gotten his hands on some Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee that prompted me to explore what the hype was all about.


Up until that point, I had unknowingly forgot about all the times my  cousin’s mom & dad would enthusiastically talk about how good the Jamaican coffee they bought back and enjoyed every morning was! I had unknowingly skipped the Blue Mountain coffee section in Sangster Airport's duty free area when returning home from Jamaica many times. How could I've been so out of ignorant. It had turned out that the product that I'd become recently passionate about and fitted my criteria perfectly.....was one that I pretty much had access to and ignored since my very first Jamaica exposure. From that day on, my love and quest to source and provide great Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee had turned into a lifelong passion and dedication! Sometimes things come full circle and you never know where life will take you!

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