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The Journey of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

A Legacy Begins

The story of Jamaican coffee began in 1728 when Sir Nicholas Lawes, then governor of Jamaica, brought coffee seedlings from Martinique and planted them at his estate, Temple Hall, in St. Andrew. Within a decade, the local coffee industry flourished, bolstered by the expertise of Haitian refugees who fled to Jamaica during the Haitian Revolution. Their knowledge and skills in coffee cultivation fueled the rapid growth of the industry.

From Lowlands to Highlands

Between 1728 and 1768, coffee plantations thrived in the lower mountain ranges of St. Andrew. Over time, cultivation expanded into the higher elevations of the Blue Mountains. However, this rapid expansion faced setbacks due to poor land preparation and agronomic practices, leading to severe landslides and the loss of fertile soil.


Challenges and Resilience

The coffee industry faced significant challenges following Emancipation, as former slaves abandoned the plantations, leading to the large-scale desertion of coffee farms. Many plantations were rented or sold to small farmers, transforming coffee from a plantation crop into a small-scale peasant crop. Despite numerous ups and downs, with some farmers switching to livestock and other crops, the spirit of coffee cultivation endured.

Reviving a Heritage

In 1891, legislation aimed at reviving the coffee industry was enacted, providing education in coffee cultivation and processing. Efforts were made to boost production and establish a Central Coffee Factory for processing and grading. The establishment of a Central Coffee Clearing House in 1944 marked a significant improvement in the quality of Jamaica's coffee exports.

The Coffee Industry Board

In 1950, the Coffee Industry Board was established to oversee and enhance the quality of Jamaican coffee exports. These efforts culminated in the rise of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee as one of the most sought-after coffees in the world, celebrated by coffee aficionados for its exceptional quality and unique flavor.

A Coffee Like No Other

Today, Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee stands as a testament to resilience, heritage, and unmatched quality. Its journey from the lowlands to the misty peaks of the Blue Mountains is a story of dedication, passion, and excellence. Discover the rich history and extraordinary taste of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee—a true gem in the world of coffee.

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