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How It Started

Our Story

Discovering Passion, Crafting Excellence

Welcome to our family-owned gem in Washington DC, born from a deep-seated love for Jamaica’s vibrant culture, spirited people, and world-renowned coffee. This journey is rooted in my mother's Brown family lineage, tracing back to the picturesque Brown's Town in St. Ann's.

A Taste of Jamaica at Home

Growing up, my cousin’s mother and grandmother, proud natives of Hanover, filled our home with the rich flavors and traditions of Jamaica. These experiences sparked a lifelong fascination, especially with the art of making perfect Jerk Chicken. My childhood was a tapestry of Jamaican sights, sounds, and tastes, woven through trips to Jamaica for events like Dream Weekend and Reggae Sun Splash. These adventures deepened my love for the island's music, culture, and people.

Bridging Cultures, Building Connections

Over the years, my bond with Jamaica grew stronger, and I envisioned myself as a bridge between Jamaican and American cultures. Several business ventures between the two countries highlighted my desire to contribute to Jamaica’s economy and foster a sustainable connection.

The Coffee Revelation

Amidst the hustle and bustle of a corporate sales job, I found solace in the aroma and ambiance of coffee shops. My passion for coffee deepened through friendships with baristas and a fascination with coffee culture. The turning point came when a friend introduced me to Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. This discovery reignited memories of my cousin’s parents raving about the exceptional quality of Jamaican coffee.

A Full Circle Journey

I realized that the extraordinary coffee I had overlooked at Sangster Airport was the very essence of what I had been searching for. From that moment, sourcing and sharing the finest Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee became my mission. What began as a childhood curiosity has blossomed into a lifelong dedication.


Join us on this flavorful journey, where passion meets perfection in every cup of our exquisite Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee. Sometimes, life comes full circle in the most delicious way.

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