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So Expensive?

Why Buy Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee?

Why is Jamaican Blue Mountain (JBM) so hard to find and why is it so expensive?


Jamaica only ranks #45 on the list of coffee producing countries, supplying roughly only .01% of the world’s total coffee beans. The principal coffee variety grown in Jamaica is the Arabica Typica. The Arabica Typica is recognized as a high-quality coffee bean, as it is superior to that of the other Arabica varieties. JBM coffee must be grown on the eastern part of the island of Jamaica on the Blue Mountains in the parishes of Portland, St. Andrew, and St. Thomas between 3,000 to 5,500 ft. The unique conditions that come along with that high altitude and harsh environment is what makes JBM so delicious & special. Cool, covered in mist, and touching the clouds, this volcanic soil creates a truly distinctive drinking experience. It takes double the amount of time for these coffee plants to ripen for a total of 10 months.

A very labor-intensive plant picking and separation of beans entirely by hand is the rigorous process done to select only the most picture-perfect beans that are allowed to be considered Blue Mountain Coffee. All JBM has to be inspected and certified by JACRA (Jamaica Agriculture Commodities Regulatory Authority), who grants the official 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain seal on authentic product.

So the price of JBM is expensive simply because of supply & demand and the rigorous labor-intensive process to make it. Though Jamaica also produces great non-Blue Mountain coffee, only 15% of Jamaican coffee is authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain. And of that JBM which is produced, 80% is exported to Japan.

Jamaican Blue Mountain is one of the rarest coffees in the world with its wonderful taste profile. It is extremely well balanced in flavor, has an excellent body and a nice medium acidity. So, after you have come to terms as to “why it’s so expensive”, next ask yourself "Is it worth it?". To experience a coffee unlike no other…The answer is simply “YES”!

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