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Who We Are

Blú is an amplified expression of Jamaica’s profound history & contribution to Coffee Culture. Blū embodies the spirit of former enslaved sharecroppers whose blood, sweat, tears & lives were ultimately sacrificed to produce one of the world’s most prestigious commodity. We honor today’s community of farmers’ whose heritage & resilience continues to illuminate in every cup of Blú.


Blú is organically sourced from a small group of family farmers in The Blue Mountain region of Jamaica. Our deep grower’s relationship allows us to provide you the best quality, while simultaneously supporting sustainable and equitable initiatives for our farmer partners. Our small but tight-knit community operation enables us to maintain quality control from seed to sip.

Coffee Farmer.HEIC

The artisanal and labor-intensive process to produce our small batch product is in essence the beauty of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee! 


Our packaging pays homage to Jamaica’s culture & history. The coat of arms which symbolizes the motto “Out Of Many One People”. The Doctor Bird, which is Jamaica’s National Bird. The Ackee tree, which symbolizes its extraordinary cuisine and is also the National Fruit. A sun and palm tree, which represents the Island in the Sun. A guitar, which symbolizes Jamaica’s music contribution to the world. And the lion and crown, which represents the Rastafari movement & culture.

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